Saturday at On The Green will feature an afternoon of free music and we’ll be posting some information about that in a couple of days. Paid entry on Saturday is from 5pm and at 6pm Luke Todd will take to the stage.

Luke is from Scunthorpe. He was working at the local Steel Works before discovering such artists as Frank Turner, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. Their heartfelt storytelling, building whole worlds and narratives around just a simple acoustic guitar, captured his imagination and provided an escape from the claustrophobic confines of industry. His inspiration grew into dedication; a drive to tell his own story.

Performing all across his hometown, and further afield to such places such as Leeds and Newcastle, has developed his passion for music.

With his poignant lyricism, he paints his own thoughts in a way that captures how many of us feel, but all too rarely find the words to express, and he is determined to share that message with anyone who would care to listen.

Luke performs his own songs and those of the artists he admires. Here’s a couple to get you going. The first is Luke’s debut single – Time Will Tell.

And here’s Luke with leonard Cohen’s ode to Janis Joplin – Chelsea Hotel No. 2

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